9 night/10days Northbound Repositon Petersburg to Sitka  

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Departing June 19, 2024 

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 Bear Paw Charters: 7-Night, 8-Day Alaskan Wildlife Expedition from Petersburg to Sitka

Day 1: Welcome and Boarding Day

Arrive in Petersburg for a warm welcome and introductions aboard Bear Paw. Get acquainted with fellow adventurers and our dedicated crew. After settling in, we’ll find a serene anchorage to prepare for the captivating journey ahead.

Day 2: Tracy Arm –  Wilderness

Embark on an extraordinary journey through Tracy or Endicott Arm, surrounded by towering fjords. Witness the dramatic cascades of Dawes or South Sawyer Glacier, with opportunities for Zodiac and kayak excursions. Encounters with harbor seals, porpoises, and arctic terns create magical moments.

Day 3: Frederick Sound and Admiralty Island

Navigate through prime orca and humpback whale territory, where the waters come alive with their playful antics. Observe breaching, tail-slapping, and feeding behaviors. Explore bays and inlets, discovering bear trails and salmon streams. Immerse yourself in the untouched wilderness, a haven for marine and terrestrial wildlife.

Day 4: Baranof Warm Springs & Southern Chatham Strait

Encounter the captivating “Sea Lion Island” and explore the picturesque Baronof Warm Springs village. Stroll along boardwalks and forest trails to natural hot springs, nestled in the heart of nature. Paddle in tranquil waters, accompanied by the sounds of nature, offering an intimate connection with Alaska’s diverse ecosystem.

Day 5: Sandy Beach, Cosmos, and Kelp Bay

Marvel at the Coastal Brown Bears feeding along salmon runs, a thrilling spectacle. Via tender, approach as close as 50 feet for an unforgettable wildlife encounter. Engage in kayaking, providing a silent approach to observe wildlife. Excellent crabbing and shrimping opportunities complement the day’s adventures.

Day 6: Tenakee Hot Springs

Discover the warm embrace of Tenakee Hot Springs and explore the welcoming Alaskan village. Engage with the local community, experiencing the charm of village life. Embark on kayaking adventures, providing access to hidden coves and coastal wonders. The day culminates in a delightful crab feast, celebrating the bounty of the sea.

Day 7: Peril Strait and Sergius Narrows

Cruise calm waters, ideal for fishing, whale watching, and kayaking. Navigate towards Surgius Narrows, carefully planned for safe passage during slack tide. Immerse yourself in the thrill of fishing, with opportunities to witness marine life, creating a seamless connection with Alaska’s natural wonders.

Day 8: Last Call Fishing/ Sitka town tours

Explore Sitka’s historical landmarks, from St. Michael’s Cathedral to the Alaska Raptor Center. Reflect on your immersive wildlife expedition, leaving with memories of unforgettable encounters and a deeper understanding of Alaska’s diverse ecosystems.

Dinner on shore in Sitka

Day 8: Goddard Hot Spring/Last Call Fishing

Seize the last day for fishing or opt for a half-day charter to enhance your seafood bounty. Goddard Hot Spring provides a serene setting for beach campfires, sharing stories, and absorbing the tranquil beauty. Engage with local fishermen, adding cultural richness to your journey.

Day 9: Disembark in Sitka at Noon

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