Welcome aboard

M/Y Bear Paw

 Come join us for a luxury adventure in Sitka Alaska or the San Juan Island in Washington State! A rare gem in the rough.

Bear Paw Yacht

Expertly designed to navigate the enchanting San Juan Islands in Washington State and explore the pristine waters of South East Alaska, this vessel ensures an extraordinary seafaring experience.

Launching into Alaskan charters from Sitka in May 2023, M/Y Bear Paw has firmly established itself as a beacon of maritime excellence. It is Bear Paws’ commitment to showcasing the best of these remarkable regions. Your journey promises not only luxury but a captivating exploration of coastal beauty. Welcome aboard for an unforgettable seafaring adventure!


Immerse Yourself in Nature's Theater

The Bear Paw Wildlife Experience

At Bear Paw Charters, we offer more than a journey; we provide an intimate platform for you to get up close and personal with the wonders of the wild. From majestic bears to awe-inspiring whales, drifting icebergs, and captivating birdwatching, our charters offer a front-row seat to whatever Mother Nature unveils. Our commitment to intimacy creates a Bear Paw experience that goes beyond the expected, inviting you to forge a connection with the wildlife and natural beauty that defines the Pacific Northwest and Alaskan waters. 

Your Floating Oasis

Revel in the entertainment offered by a 60″ TV in the salon and enjoy a spacious 7′ headroom throughout the vessel. The fully operational bar, equipped with tools and glassware, ensures your every need is met. Stay connected with Starlink satellite technology, and explore the surroundings with a 21′ RIB tender. Covered walkways on deck provide the perfect setting to soak in the panoramic views.

Feel the comfort

Step into opulence aboard M/Y Bear Paw, a luxury expedition charter vessel that redefines maritime elegance. With no off-limit areas, we prioritize accessibility, ensuring an inclusive experience for all guests. Immerse yourself in the 7’ ceiling height, adorned with exotic African hardwood and high-end furnishings. Our bar offers real china and 24K gold-rimmed glassware, adding a touch of sophistication. M/Y Bear Paw isn’t just a vessel; it’s a floating sanctuary designed for unparalleled comfort.


Prepare for a luxurious retreat in our spacious king-size walk-around staterooms. Adorned with sumptuous cotton linens, each room features an ensuite head complete with stand-up showers, adding a touch of extravagance to your journey. Every stateroom is a haven of equal allure, ensuring a consistent and elevated experience for all guests. Immerse yourself in the ultimate blend of comfort and sophistication as you relax in these meticulously crafted spaces, promising an eyebrow-raising level of luxury throughout your charter.


Culinary Experience

Embark on a culinary adventure with Bear Paw Charters, where every meal is a celebration of local flavors amid the breathtaking backdrop of nature’s beauty. Imagine dining on freshly caught seafood against the panoramic views of Alaska or enjoying a gourmet meal sourced from the Pacific Northwest while anchored in a serene bay. Each dish is a testament to the region’s culinary diversity, elevating your charter experience to new heights.

Whether it’s a seafood feast inspired by the day’s catch or a farm-to-table delight featuring the best of local produce, Bear Paw Charters ensures that every meal is a sensory journey.