San Juan

Inside Passage

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The listed itineraries are typical, but your cruise may be different. The vessel routes change due to the variances of weather or the spontaneous interests of guests. Anglers should note that this is not a dedicated fishing trip – unlike programs at Orvis-endorsed fishing lodges elsewhere. Guests may anticipate several fishing opportunities during the course of a cruise, but there will be some days when other activities such as whale-watching or brown bear viewing take center stage. We carry limited fishing gear, so serious anglers should bring their own. Shrimp and crab pots with bait is included. Guests must provide their own fishing license.

If bringing fish home with you after your charter is a priority, we can arrange a day trip with a commercial fishing boat that will furnish you with everything you need to have your fish packed, wrapped, labelled and frozen for your journey home or shipment. All your fish can be waiting for you when you return to Sitka at the end of your trip with this service. Keep our mother-shipping services in mind as well for self guided or other guided tours. So worth it!