14 night/15 days Southbound Inside Passage

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Ketchikan – Bellingham, WA

Departure Date: Sept 11-26

Day 1 – Ketchikan to Brundige Inlet

Day 2 – Brundige Inlet to Prince Rupert, BC (Dinner on shore)

Day 3 – Prince Rupert to Lowe Inlet

Day 4 – Lowe Inlet to Khutze Inlet

Day 5 – Khutze Inlet to Swindle Island

Day 6 –Spirit Bear encounters

Day 7 – Spirit Bear encounters – Shearwater (Dinner on shore)

Day 8 – Shearwater – Hakai Institute

Day 9 – Hakai Institute –Cross Charlotte Strait

Day 10 – Anchorage to Seymour Narrows

Day 11 – Seymour Narrows to Cortez Island

Day 12 –Cortez Island to Ganges, SSI (Dinner on shore)

Day 13 – Ganges to Friday Harbor, WA (Dinner on shore)

USA Customs Check in

Day 14 – Friday Harbor, all day to do island tours (Dinner on shore).

Day 15 – Friday Harbor to Bellingham for guest drop off at noon (Guest can disembark at Friday Harbor and connect via airline to SeaTac or shuttles via ferry). 

*Dinners on shore are at guest expense. All shore excursions are at the expense of the guests. 

Of course, all trip itineraries are subject to changes due to wind, weather, wildlife and the whims of the Captain. We slow down for the whales too!

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