Photo-Shop Alaskan Charters

This is a fabulous opportunity to make new friends as the voyage is sold by the stateroom.  Predetermined weeks will be selected to reserve our photographer and will take bookings once announced! Perfect for singles or couples who don’t want to book the whole boat for private use.  On board, will be your personal professional photographer who will join you on daily excursions on the ship’s tender to get close to the shorelines to capture that perfect shot.  Utilizing the big 60″ screen TV for album reviews at the end of day is available and photo proofing lessons.  Some packages will be 7 night and some will be 4  night. These packages may require a float plane for your arrival or departure, to allow the vessel to remain in these remote areas to capture the majestic animals like the Coastal Brown Bear. Same services as a typical term charter is still included but there might be less mileage being made on a daily basis. When your in the bears, stay with bears. They are amazing! 

Bear Paw